LIZARD  – a reptile with movable eyelids, ears that are outside the body, and has two to four legs.

Shivers are running down my spine just writing the definition.  I am not a reptile person.

My daughter and son in law had a 2-legged slithering lizard in their apartment.  I wasn’t there … but, caught the excitement in real-time postings (and gladly from afar) on the Marco Polo app.  

I “Binged” how to both find and catch a lizard … … … I helped (gladly from afar).

I used to watch our dog Franklyn unsuccessfully try to catch the lizards in our Rio Vista house.  It was entertaining … (gladly from afar).

Reptiles have always creeped me out … but, I justified my disgust after reading a book by C.S. Lewis titled The Great Divorce.  In the book, a Ghost who has been kept out of heaven tries to keep his pet sin, a red lizard.  The Ghost is constantly found rebuking the lizard that lives on his shoulder.  An angel arrives and asks him if he would like for the lizard silenced.  The Ghost is anxious for the lizard to be silenced until he realizes the means of silencing is death, then he begins to negotiate a better way to silence the lizard … in a more gradual way.  The lizard whispers his own negotiations into the Ghost’s ear … promises the Ghost knows can’t be kept … but, are far more comforting …

The thing is … sin is best slayed … not trained.  I’ve tried it …. Am still trying it …

My “Binged” research told me that lizards like to hide in the dark … a flash of light most often will cause them to move … creating opportunity to remove its presence.

I like my sin to be hidden in the dark.  Not just so others can’t see it … but, so I can deny it’s there.  When that flash of “light” comes … it is my opportunity to remove its presence … 

I shall ponder … … …


“APPLIANCES” – devices or pieces of equipment designed to perform a specific task, typically a domestic one.

When we moved into our home … we determined an electric stove just wouldn’t do.  So we had a guy come out and run a gas line to the kitchen so we could replace the electric stove with a gas one.  I have to say … I do love me a good gas stove.  

The house also didn’t have a microwave.  How could this be????  Apparently the space used by the hood is to close to the stove.  We had NO IDEA how tied to a microwave we were!  After much research I found a “low profile” model that is much shorter and meets the required 18” distance.  

Just as we were getting back into the swing of cooking/baking … we noticed ourselves rewashing all the dishes because the dishwasher wasn’t getting them all clean.  Turns out the dishwasher only has one wand under the bottom rack … requiring we only use the bottom rack for dishes/pans that need to be “clean”.  

As my prayer partner says … “First world problems”.  

The word “hedonism” comes to mind – “the pursuit of pleasure and/or self-indulgence”.

Quite the ponder for a Christian heart…

After pondering … The Theology of Sandi believes that God created me with the desire to purse pleasure … without that desire … I wouldn’t have the longing/desire needed to pursue Himself.  The problem comes when I … as a Christian … pursue self-indulgence.  

“Biblical self-indulgence is feeding “the passions of the flesh” (1 Peter 2:11). It’s indulging ourselves in any pleasure that is harmful to our souls, that does not spring from faith (Romans 14:23).”  – Jon Bloom

Faith is not required to know that I could live in this “1st world” God has placed me in … with an electric stove, a bottom of the line dishwasher and without a microwave.  The question is … is seeking better … pleasure or self-indulgence?  Definitely a case by case situation.  

Sometimes I forget that God wants me to be happy … instead of cautiously resisting it.  But what God wants most … is for me to know that the most enduring happiness is found only in Him. 

I shall ponder …


“FENCE”: a barrier or other upright structure enclosing an area of ground to mark a boundary, control access, or prevent escape.

We live on a corner lot and are extending our back side yard by moving our fence out towards the sidewalk.  Our motorhome is set to rest there.

Having lived under the protection of gated communities the last 15 years … I am thankful for the tight “hedge of protection” our fence & cement guy is providing for our new home.

This took me to a ponder … the “hedge of protection” …  I am pretty sure it comes from the book of Job … it makes sense … the poor guy certainly needed a hedge of protection!  But, what I was unsure of was the situation surrounding the hedge.  Did God build the hedge or did he call Job to build the hedge?  Does scripture specifically call out the hedge for protection against the evil one?  Why does Job’s hedge seem rather faulty?  It wasn’t long before I realized I used this term frequently, prayerfully, and it seems … rather (scripturally) loosely.  Hmmmm….

It turns out “hedge of protection” does not appear in scripture in those exact words … or even in the context with which I was using it. In Job 1:10 & 11, Satan claims that if God removes the “hedge”, the blessings of prosperity He has provided, Job will curse Him.  

God does remove the hedge.  Job does loose almost everything that prospered him.   Job does NOT curse God.  In fact, Scripture tells us that he fell to the ground … worshipped and said:  “The Lord has given and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord” (Job 1:21).

The thing is … this context is not about the “hedge” … but, the response to the hedge.  It is about worshipping the Lord wether He gives or takes away.  

There are many scriptures that speak of God’s protection over His people.  I picture spiritual airbags for when I crash and spiritual motion detectors, alarms & pepper spray that defuses danger when it is near.  

The truth is … I need protection because I am vulnerable … because I live in a “fallen” world.  In some instances, the spiritual air bags may not deploy … the pepper spray may not diffuse danger. My only absolute, ultimate protection & security … is faith in Christ.  

In Psalm 91, God does not promise that the worst this world has to offer won’t come upon us, but when it does, we are not alone, abandoned, or destroyed.

The Theology of Sandi now believes my protection is not in a “hedge” … but is my faith in the sovereignty of our Father.

I shall ponder … #SunriseSandi  #SandiPonders #Fence