This morning when Barry & Franklyn left for “work” (getting morning diet coke’s from McDonald’s) … he texted me a quick photo of a brilliant pre-sunrise … I begged him to come back and pick me up … which he did.  I jumped quickly into the car with my bare feet, bed head hair, jammies and camera …  

It was so refreshing … so “right” to be chasing a sunrise.  It was a game for Barry to find the best spot, with the best view before the sunrise quickly faded away into sunlight.  

In the midst of all the movement … I was able to sit in a form of stillness … and ponder.  My ponders came quickly in “real time” … fitting in many with just the blink of an eye … yet I find it amazing to receive them in what felt like “slow motion”.   I am thinking this is “God speed”.

Finding uninterrupted “stillness” can be hard.  Even as Barry found a spot where the sunrise was beautiful … I could see tiny twinkling head lights of cars far in the distance.  They made brakes in my stillness.  He generously continued on and found a spot that was not as beautiful … but stillness was found.

 In those moment I realized God is not slow … but, I certainly am.  God is not in a hurry … but, I certainly am … and … stillness trumps beauty …

It was in those moments I found true stillness, God Speed time that I allowed myself to be exactly who God created me to be … a human who is not fixated on who I am or what I want … but who the Lord is and what He wants … a powerful moment … and I was changed … at least for those moment … but, in those moments I certainly sat in the fullness of the Glory of God.

I shall ponder …….!!!!!

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