Our furniture finally arrived yesterday … what was 1st targeted as 3 weeks … turned into 3 months + 3 weeks.  I am normally a patient person, but I learned when I am not … I am NOT!!!!

Anyway … …, before I digress to far, this isn’t my pondering of long awaited furniture.  It is my pondering of the little things.

The new family room furniture allowed my prayer chair to be delivered back to its spot in our bedroom.  Ahhhhhhh … I could hardly wait to rest myself within its boundaries! 

This morning, while waiting for my coffee to brew … I high-tailed it back to the bedroom and placed the electric blanket over my prayer chair.  The long awaited crisp, fall weather allowed me to turn that baby to “almost” high.  As I returned to retrieve my freshly brewed coffee, I was anxious to maneuver off the “adult proof” power sealed, tiny piece of aluminum that kept me from the 1st taste of my long awaited favorite holiday creamer.

My prayer chair …  darkness … silence … crisp fall weather … coffee with my favorite holiday creamer … time with the Lord … I was giddy with delight.

I took time to thank the Lord for each of those things.  For Himself … a human being without sin who died on the cross for me.  For a prayer chair that looks simply like a chair to everyone else but to me beholds history of my prayers, studies, pondering’s, and meetings with the Lord.  For darkness & crisp fall weather that rotates without fail.  For silence that is desperately hard to find.   For the feeling of anticipation and joy as I take the first sip of morning coffee.

The little things … the things easily taken for granted … 

I must ponder … God’s perspective …. How much do the “little things” in my life bring joy to the Lord?  The little things allowing God to take delight in me … turning a smirk into a smile …  choosing to cover an attitude with love or choosing peace over anxiety … having an attitude of patience when things don’t go “my” way (even when furniture target delivery dates are continuously pushed out and the sales associate at the store is rude …) or patience while my husband “fills his tank” with conversation from peeps he meets “along the way” while I am desperately trying to fill mine with silence … creating “history” that glorifies Him in my prayer chair and in my daily walk with him???  

Hmmmmm … I must ponder ….

One thought on “Little Things

  1. Sandi, great ponderings! It is in the small things that we seem to find Him. I also love my prayer time and my prayer chair too. Love you! 🤗❤


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