My Bible Study took me to Genesis 8 this morning.  I took the time to do the math and realized Noah and the fam were on that ark much longer than I realized.  I knew it was longer than 40 days and 40 nights … but, I didn’t realize it was actually an entire year (+ 5 days).  

I am thinking we can all relate with Noah to some degree during this pandemic.  It seems like families are shut in to their own ark … floating about waiting for the COVID flood to end.  Some of us “unmask” the doors to our ark upon 1st realization that the rain has stopped … others wait a little more patiently for a sign the waters are receding … and still others are waiting for the COVID waters to completely recede allowing dry “safe” land to be proven.

God told Noah there was going to be a 40 day flood … He did not tell Noah he was going to be quarantined inside the arc for just over a year.  As the 30 day increments pressed on and on …  Noah displayed his patience.  I suppose it helped not having a smartphone with App’s professing up coming weather conditions or a news channel/website “spinning” information in the direction he saw fit.  

God has ushered some to the other side of heaven during this COVID flood.  He will usher most to the other side of the pandemic.  When we arrive there … it is not the one with the most  toilet paper or Clorox wipes that proves himself “wisest” or “righteous” … but, the one who takes the time to build an altar to the Lord.  The one who acknowledges God’s sovereignty.  The one who choose to be obedient to God’s unique plan for their lives.  The one who builds a holy place on which to worship the Lord.

On the other side of the pandemic … I hope I am not most concerned with who did it “right” or “wrong” … but, how God “grew me” through it.  I hope I live knowing my days are numbered … that life is short and eternity is long.  I hope I release some of the trivialities of my life to make way for those things I learned are most important … relationships, ministry, Holy Spirit guided opportunities and my walk with God.

I shall ponder … … …

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