I just began a bible study in Genesis.  After completing the first week of study, the ponder that kept coming to mind was “God’s Glory”.  I challenged myself to contrive my best attempt at a definition.  After a bit of pondering and study this is what I “imperfectly” came up with …  

God’s glory is the fullness of all He is.  The sum of which includes his omniscient wisdom, omnipotent power and all encompassing omnipresence … the culmination of which sets him apart from all man … and is his holiness. 

My weeks study in Genesis 1, took me to a ponder on the aspect of God’s glory through creation.  My ponder turned into a daydream of the mountains with their many grey, blue and white hues … uncountable shades of green and brown … a nearby valley with wildflowers flickering in the wind on a warm, yet breezy spring day and of course, the ever present babbling brook … “Creation Perfectus”.

However, comma, God’s glory in creation is not done well by way of a daydream.  I must go further.  Our recent fire evacuation and weather driven road trip taught me the importance of trying to view the larger picture … more than what I see before me on my personal canvas.  

God’s glory is revealed in the beautiful … and also the powerful … thunder, lightening, fire … and unexpected blizzards when traveling through Wyoming in early September as well.

God’s glory is beyond my perception of “Creation Perfectus” … and includes God’s display of supremacy over all the earth … requiring me to reconsider my perception of perfection.  

God’s glory is not just in the grandeur of his power … but also his unadorned, peaceful presence.  That presence I embrace … and sometimes reject when I cry out to him in my suffering.

The Bible tells me God’s glory is also revealed in me.  As “Creation In-perfectus” as I may be … I am still His image bearer.  Sometimes I make brush strokes on my “life-canvas” God does not desire … those strokes I know are not intended for my canvas … but I determine to add them anyway. However, there are also those strokes that He did intend …  a variety of strokes that depict love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control … … … and also there are also stronger, darker strokes such as suffering, repentance, and redemption.  

What strokes am I going to apply to my canvas today?  I shall ponder … … …

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