OK … cantankerous Oklahoma lightning and thunderstorm … #2 … on steroids … hit us last night.  Barry and I were out chasing down the sunset when the weather drastically and quickly took a turn towards darkness.  Again … not a fan!!!!!

I was hanging out the window, shot gun, taking a photo of the Drummond mailboxes across from the entrance to their ranch.  The wind, the rain, the thunder, the lightening … but, ohhh, what a great photo op … that rusted yellowy/orange mail box against the coming storm … much more beautiful in person.

We headed back to “our” RV ranch where my mom was “trying” to relax with the pups.  Immediately above us was a HUGE lightening strike with an immediate bomb of thunder … pretty sure I pee’d my panties a little.  Just ahead on the road was a small fire where the lightening had hit.  Luckily, it was a wet … instead of dry … lightening storm.  I was the only one that seemed concerned.  The small fire was casually circled by “locals” who seemed to enjoy the sociality of the moment.  

By the time we got back to our ranch … the monsoon of rain tempted me to sleep in the car … until more thunder and lightening struck.  I left my camera in the car and ran with a broken umbrella to the RV which got quite tangled in my hair … but, the run to safety was successful.

Snuggled into our bed, with Harriet our nervous dog, shaking in my lap … I asked the Lord … “What is it that you want my constant attention for?” … “What am I missing?” … The response did not come immediately … but the assuredness of His desire for me … his non-verbal words for me were real … and personal.

I will ponder his desire for me and his non-verbal words ….

Another thunder & lightening storm is on the way …..

Maybe I am the one who is “cantankerous” …

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