There was a cantankerous Oklahoma thunder & lightning storm above us early this morning.  Still not a fan.  I have pondered how God shows his strength & power through such storms.  That power is unsurmountable.  But, in my continued pondering’s … I also wonder if he is trying to grab my attention.  This morning’s thunderstorms certainly captured the attention of the 3 humans & 2 pups in our motorhome.

The thing is … … He captured our attention without words.  We are all standing at attention, but are unable to interpret what it is He may be saying.  If we all went to the Bible … we would all likely receive something different from God … a different passage … a different application to our life … and that’s OK because sometimes God speaks personally, and sometimes he speaks corporately.  

I am wondering if sometimes God just needs to capture my attention; to remind me he is out there.  The question is will I pay attention?  Once the cantankerous moment is gone, who or what do I continue to paying attention to? 

God can powerfully grab my attention … but, it becomes my choice what I do next.  Will I awaken and head to scripture/prayer … or will I head to social media wondering what others are saying about the storm?   What “voices” will I search out to have shaping power for my beliefs?

I believe God uses the voices of His people to have shaping power in my life.  But, when God makes the attempt to grab or fix my attention on Him through a lightening storm, a song, a circumstance … I need to be careful I am paying extended attention on Him.   

In Mark 4:24 Jesus told his disciples the importance of paying close attention to “what they hear” … that the attitude in which they receives the word of Jesus profoundly affects how much more they … we … will hear from Him.  

Am I paying attention?  Who & what am I paying attention to?  Is it the Gospel and the other words of Scripture, or is it my “emotions of the moment” … an emotional high that causes me to maybe do, say, experience, spend more than I should or emotional low plagued by self-doubt and pity that causes me to do nothing at all?  

Hmmmm … I shall ponder …. And pay attention … patiently …

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