• a preliminary version of a piece of writing.
  • compulsory recruitment for military service
  • a current of cool air in a room or other confined space
  • beer or other drink that is kept in and served from a barrel or tank rather than from a bottle or can.

Today is draft day for my Fantasy Football League.  I have researched.  I have prepped.  I have re-enacted the information found in my “little black book” I left at home in the haste of packing.  I have revisited my “Learning Fantasy Football” blog (available on the header menu above) … because I still feel “stupid” to the game.  I have practiced using the “mock draft” system on the ESPN APP (ended up with a fine team per my son-in-law).  Most importantly, I will find a draft … a brewski … to “pop” when the process is through and I have my team … “Sandi’s Tight-Ends”!

I have said it tooo many times … I am an academic … the academics don’t necessarily come to me easily … but, I must keep working to understand … and once I understand … I keep working to achieve knowledge that is beyond what I need to know.  When it comes to Fantasy Football … and especially Football in general … this academia clearly is going to be a life long process.  Though I am becoming more familiar with Fantasy Football … the game itself still completely eludes me!

In my research … I learned about a thing called “tanking”.  Tanking is when a team gives up a game, losing intentionally to acquire a better position in the draft.  Who knew? 

I “tanked” in FF unintentionally last year.  Came in absolutely last and earned the “tank award”.  However, it turns out I don’t get better positioning in today’s draft.  WHAT??????  Should have been more intentional about coming in last place!

Sometimes the “sanctification process” feels like tanking.  There have been seasons in my spiritual walk filled with spiritual victory … and seasons of repeated defeat.  I’ll be honest … I have boldly, bravely, asked my league manager, Christ, … “What the heck?  What are you thinking?”.  To my recollection I haven’t asked that question in times of victory … interesting.  

At times … I wonder if God is tanking me.  Allowing me repeated defeat for an “ulterior motive”.  At those times … I head to the locker room … for some deep inner conversation.  In that locker room … I am reminded sanctification is a team sport … we are to trust the process together …and as God’s people we are “to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”  (Hebrews 10:24–25)

The truth is … God does allow defeat for a purpose.  A sanctifying purpose.  A holy purpose.  But, I must always remember our victory is in heaven … not in the things of this earth.  Everyone who walks with the Lord experiences the same kind of process.  Sometimes it’s victory … sometimes it’s defeat … sometimes it is the feeling of being tanked … but, always … it’s growing in the holiness of God … a process I can trust … we can trust … because … “the God of peace [will] himself sanctify [me] completely” (1 Thessalonians 5:23)

So much to ponder …

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