I let frustration overtake me the other day.  No big happenings … just a consistent bunching of little things that kept adding up … 

I dropped my “Grandma Sandi” Yeti, filled with diet coke, twice (NOT the Grandma Sandi cup!).  I mis-communicated with others more than twice.  While watering the plants in the front yard, my legs became instantly covered with ants (I feel ants on my legs even now as I am typing).   Dog sees cat on the other side of the screen … dog runs through screen to catch said cat … it is the dog that is hard to catch.  The pieced square I was working on for a “cousin quilt” came out hideously “wavy” … a good pressing did not cure the problem … … … that was just the beginning of my morning …

Frustration or Self-Pity?  Let me ponder …

Frustration comes when I stumble into the proverbial mud pit.  Self-Pity is when I decide to swim around in the mud pit for more drama and sympathy instead of working my way out. 

I am happy to report, in this instance, I did not wallow around in the mud pit of self-pity.  But, it did take some real “work” to get myself out.  I prayed … asked God to guide me out … assumed (I called it “had faith”) he would snatch me right out of that pit.  However, comma, God rarely takes me directly from A to B.  It is usually more like A to Z.  

It seems … God’s purpose for me is not speed … but, sanctification.  Hmmmm.

Paul speaks of plans he had in his letters to various churches.  He told the Philippian Church that he was going to travel from Jerusalem to Spain.  However, while passing through Rome he found himself prison.  Now THAT is a mud pit.  Paul never lost faith … never lost his focus on the Lord.

The thing is … am I focusing on God … or the mud?

Sometimes God’s purpose for us is to do work in that mud pit.  Sometimes it changes us.  Sometimes it changes the world.  

I shall ponder … … …

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