LIZARD  – a reptile with movable eyelids, ears that are outside the body, and has two to four legs.

Shivers are running down my spine just writing the definition.  I am not a reptile person.

My daughter and son in law had a 2-legged slithering lizard in their apartment.  I wasn’t there … but, caught the excitement in real-time postings (and gladly from afar) on the Marco Polo app.  

I “Binged” how to both find and catch a lizard … … … I helped (gladly from afar).

I used to watch our dog Franklyn unsuccessfully try to catch the lizards in our Rio Vista house.  It was entertaining … (gladly from afar).

Reptiles have always creeped me out … but, I justified my disgust after reading a book by C.S. Lewis titled The Great Divorce.  In the book, a Ghost who has been kept out of heaven tries to keep his pet sin, a red lizard.  The Ghost is constantly found rebuking the lizard that lives on his shoulder.  An angel arrives and asks him if he would like for the lizard silenced.  The Ghost is anxious for the lizard to be silenced until he realizes the means of silencing is death, then he begins to negotiate a better way to silence the lizard … in a more gradual way.  The lizard whispers his own negotiations into the Ghost’s ear … promises the Ghost knows can’t be kept … but, are far more comforting …

The thing is … sin is best slayed … not trained.  I’ve tried it …. Am still trying it …

My “Binged” research told me that lizards like to hide in the dark … a flash of light most often will cause them to move … creating opportunity to remove its presence.

I like my sin to be hidden in the dark.  Not just so others can’t see it … but, so I can deny it’s there.  When that flash of “light” comes … it is my opportunity to remove its presence … 

I shall ponder … … …

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