“APPLIANCES” – devices or pieces of equipment designed to perform a specific task, typically a domestic one.

When we moved into our home … we determined an electric stove just wouldn’t do.  So we had a guy come out and run a gas line to the kitchen so we could replace the electric stove with a gas one.  I have to say … I do love me a good gas stove.  

The house also didn’t have a microwave.  How could this be????  Apparently the space used by the hood is to close to the stove.  We had NO IDEA how tied to a microwave we were!  After much research I found a “low profile” model that is much shorter and meets the required 18” distance.  

Just as we were getting back into the swing of cooking/baking … we noticed ourselves rewashing all the dishes because the dishwasher wasn’t getting them all clean.  Turns out the dishwasher only has one wand under the bottom rack … requiring we only use the bottom rack for dishes/pans that need to be “clean”.  

As my prayer partner says … “First world problems”.  

The word “hedonism” comes to mind – “the pursuit of pleasure and/or self-indulgence”.

Quite the ponder for a Christian heart…

After pondering … The Theology of Sandi believes that God created me with the desire to purse pleasure … without that desire … I wouldn’t have the longing/desire needed to pursue Himself.  The problem comes when I … as a Christian … pursue self-indulgence.  

“Biblical self-indulgence is feeding “the passions of the flesh” (1 Peter 2:11). It’s indulging ourselves in any pleasure that is harmful to our souls, that does not spring from faith (Romans 14:23).”  – Jon Bloom

Faith is not required to know that I could live in this “1st world” God has placed me in … with an electric stove, a bottom of the line dishwasher and without a microwave.  The question is … is seeking better … pleasure or self-indulgence?  Definitely a case by case situation.  

Sometimes I forget that God wants me to be happy … instead of cautiously resisting it.  But what God wants most … is for me to know that the most enduring happiness is found only in Him. 

I shall ponder …

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