“YELLOW ROSE” – 8-1-20 – Soooo … I have been “silent” for a while.  No big explanation other than I am “move-in” tired.  After I make the 3 mile roundtrip trek out to get my morning coffee … I lay my head back on my ohhh so comfy “prayer chair” recliner to “hear” from God …. And all that can be heard are my snores of restfulness.  

I worked hard at finding our possessions their new “place” and have been joyously working hard to begin the first strokes of my art yard.  MUCH work has been needed to prepare my canvas.  

There are 8 huge, old, overgrown rose bushes along the back fence.  I try to prune one down every day or so.  When I do … it is like a meet & greet of sorts.  

The red rose had potential, fragrance and was kind to me as I cut her hair.  

The pink rose was beautiful, without fragrance and absolutely unruly in character.  She left many painful teeth marks as I tried to cut her hair and remove her sucker branches.  She will not be living with us much longer.

The yellow rose …   At first glance she looked like another wild one.  Very old, very overgrown and only a showing of a few small, feeble, yellow roses.  As soon as I began to work with her … the fragrance of those few yellow roses were overwhelming and beautiful.  I knew immediately we were going to be friends.  I introduced myself … also old, overgrown and needing a lot of work.  I assured her she not only had a place in my art yard … but, would be one of my focal points.  

The truth is … we will help each other realize our beauty, as a focal point in God’s yard art.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”  Psalm 139:14

I shall ponder … #SunriseSandi  #SandiPonders  #YellowRose

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