Yesterday I began a ponder on perception … or was it perspective … I can’t remember … and I’m not sure what the difference is.  

It seems …

Perception refers to an “interpretation” that an individual comes up with through their awareness and can be influenced by past experiences, feelings and thoughts … 

while … 

Perspective refers to a point of view, a framework we use to look at something and is more likely to be influenced by attitude ….

Therefore, comma, …

 It is my interpretations (perceptions) that lead me to a point of view (perspective). 

Does this matter?  

I suppose so … or all the “psycho-social” peeps out there wouldn’t have written such extensive information about it.  But, I must ponder how this information relates to me. …

Pride comes to mind.

While pride causes me to filter out any perception of nastiness I see in myself … it also causes me to filter out God’s goodness in others.  My pride allows their faults to create a perception about them … and eventually a perspective of who they are … viewing them through developed attitudes … possibly words of nastiness … written around the framework I view them through.

Grace on the other hand … is undeserved favor.  

Grace causes me to see God in myself and others.  It causes me to filter out nastiness, faults, developed attitudes, and undeserved perceptions and perspectives.  

My ponder leads me to this personal statement; “Perception vs. perspective doesn’t matter when looking through the framework of grace”.

There is more to this … so I shall ponder … #SunriseSandi  #SandiPonders  #PerceptionPerspective

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