Yesterday our streets were repaved.  A nice “welcome to the neighborhood” gift from the city of Vacaville.  I spent the day listening for the beeping of equipment so I could dash out of the house to video the layers of repaving excitement to my great nephew who loves himself some large moving equipment.  

My brother-in-law in Jersey is a large equipment operator.  I soooo wished I could arrange for John T & Charlie to meet for a ride on one of his pieces of road equipment … way better than a video!  

Virtual never replaces reality … but, it does help create a form of connection. 

FaceTime has helped me create and sustain a relationship with my niecelette in Indiana.  I can watch her grow.  I am beginning to recognize some of the expressions on her face … that speak volumes.  That girl is a character.  She’s learning I am one too!

The Marco Polo app has kept the Cali family up to date on day to day news … what’s cooking in the kitchen … and extended session on trivialities such as “fly away hairs” the Hall women seem to be dealing with.  The greatest moments have been when no words were spoken … but when a “look”, nod, or shaking of the head said it all.  

The thing is … while a helpful tool, FaceTime did not teach my niece-lette she could trust her whacky great aunt … it was “time” given when we visited their home in Indiana last spring.  She “experienced” my directness … my consistency.  She felt my unrelenting love in a cuddle.  She learned she could trust me … not just by how I interacted with her … but also how I interacted with others.

I wonder if God sees me in a virtual sense … when I am “doing church”, instead of  “being the church” … when I tell him what is going on in my life and how I want it fixed, instead of a wordless nod of faith.  

I am certain God sees me in reality … when trust is developed between us through experience & consistency.  When consistency is displayed not only by how I interact with Him … but, how I interact with others.  When I allow myself to be vulnerable enough to receive His unrelenting love in a cuddle … even when I don’t like the choice he has just made for me … … I shall ponder … #SunriseSandi  #SandiPonders  #Virtual/Reality

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