Last year, after the long & expensive process of a dental implant … I finally invested in a Water Pick. At the time, Barry never quite got on board … but, found it humorous when I inadvertently sprayed either myself, the mirror or random surrounding objects with the shooting water.⠀

Yesterday, I finally unpacked the box with my Pik and set it up for immediate use. Our new, adventurous environment enticed Barry to get on board the Water Pick train. After I gave him a quick overview of how the thing worked … there was immediate inadvertent spraying of himself, the mirror and surrounding objects … all in one blast. Yes, I found it rather humorous!⠀⠀

The thing about a water pick is … that it is not meant to replace brushing your teeth … but to remove “leftovers” in-between the teeth … that can turn into bacteria … that can harden into plaque … that can turn into cavities … that can turn into gum disease … that can turn into expensive dentist bills.⠀⠀

Just wondering what lingering, “leftover” emotions I am holding on to that can turn into spiritual bacteria, that can harden, create cavities and disease in my heart. ⠀⠀Resentment comes to mind.⠀⠀Being the verbally forthright person that I am … resentment doesn’t seem to build up when my tongue is free and totally unleashed. ⠀⠀The tricky thing is: when I walk holding the Spirit’s fruit close to my heart … some “leashing” is required to maintain my words in love. The problem is: sometimes it is just easier to “not say anything at all”… than to figure out how to speak truth “nicely” … (Thank you Thumper!).

In steps resentment.⠀⠀The solution is … I suppose: to take a mere “2 minutes” to Waterpik with prayer … to ask for the right words to speak truth in love. Simple yes … but like flossing, it often is just “easier” not to do it … especially daily.⠀⠀Glad to have “unleashed” my Water Pick from its storage box … challenging myself to take those ever so precious 2 minutes to pray over speaking my truth nicely …⠀⠀Pondering … #SunriseSandi#SandiPonders#Waterpik

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