We have excitedly & exhaustingly … moved into our new home. “Moved In” being defined as: packed boxes that are intermingled with possessions that have already found their new place within our home … and a 2 car garage that can “almost” behold 1 car. ⠀

This move was quite different than others … we moved in the sweltering summer instead of the usual Christmas season … the necessity for COVID masks and gloves … we are old … but, the most significant difference was having a son-in-law (and his dad) who worked tirelessly for 2 days moving boxes, plants and “stuff” from a storage unit to our new home. I really like having a son-in-law.⠀⠀What I appreciate most is not that he worked hard in the heat … but, the commitment, affection, and honor he shows his pregnant wife … and her family.⠀⠀

Family: a primary social group consisting of parents and their offspring, the principal function of which is provision for its members.⠀⠀We desire for our new home to be filled with family.

The thing is … while we are moving closer to one family group … which brings joy … we are also moving farther away from another … which brings sadness. Our, statistically horrifying, 7 moves have taught me that … familiarity … comfort … longevity … space … does not create a home … but family does … weather near or far.⠀⠀Barry and I want our home to be purposeful. We want those who enter to feel like family. We want the “aroma” of respect, laughter, love and the Spirit’s fruit. We want the aroma of Christ. ⠀⠀

While the pandemic will keep our east coast, mid west and Cali “families” from entering our new home … we will be intentional with the time we have to focus on the 4 generations of Liberty’s family that can be present and we will be intentional to create virtual time with those who can’t … and the sweet aroma of “all family” will be present when Liberty enters this home.⠀⠀I shall ponder … #SunriseSandi#SandiPonders#Family

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