“AROMA” – – a distinctive, typically pleasant smell.

As I type this … there is a strong, wonderful aroma of peaches. Barry picked up a lug from our favorite peach farmer in Brentwood on the 4th. We buy several lugs of peaches each year (my favorite fruit!) and normally I clean out the deli section of our fridge to hold the peaches … but, in the ole’ RV … there is no such section … or room. So they sit on top of the stove … wiffering their fragrance to me.

The thing about peaches is …… if not used … the sweet aroma is turned to a rather putrid one … that attracts nasty knats. These are the best peaches in the world (Suncrest peaches from Matteri’s Farms) … so I shall make sure they are used before such a thing happens.

And the ponder begins … I wonder what my aroma to Christ is? Is it strong, wonderful and sweet ready to be used in an instant for any given purpose.

The Bible says I am a pleasing aroma to Christ when I am sharing who he is to those among me (2Corin 2:15). I believe the aroma becomes sweeter when I am sharing in the way he directs me. It may be a simple smile of sweetness, a word or prayer of sweet encouragement, or sharing the sweet truth of Christ.

Yes, as a sweet peach of Christ … I may have some dark bruises from sitting too long in one position … some bruises that may even need to be “cut out” before I can be used as God directs … none the less … I am a sweet aroma to Christ … and THAT is more than a ponder! #SunriseSandi#SandiPonders#Peaches

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