No definition needed.

I am heading over to Elise’s apartment to help her with laundry. It seems little Liberty is already getting in the way of her ability to get the task done. ⠀⠀

In our society, we often gauge the value of work based on compensation, title, and even the name of the place we work at. If you don’t get paid, have a formal title, spend too much time in meetings, then we clearly are not at work. ⠀⠀

But the truth about work is … it is far more about who we reflect when we work, than the finer details of our labor. God created work … he created man to work … to meet the needs of his creation and for his glory. Likely, that work will continue on the other side of heaven.⠀⠀

My daughter is officially on maternity leave. For all the moms out there … I say … her destined work, best work, most difficult work, most God-glorifying work is about to begin … and in a several weeks the fruit of true “labor” will be born.⠀⠀

Instead of overflowing email, will be overflowing laundry. Instead of organizing work tasks, will be organizing closet space. Instead of daily meetings with clients, will be nightly meetings with a hungry Liberty. Instead of going to a supervisor when she needs help, she will call her mom … and I am honored to help… starting with today’s laundry. #SunriseSandi#SandiPonders. #Laundry

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