Barry and I realized that the amount of space we have been living in … is less than the smallest bedroom in our new home. All of us are ready for more space.⠀⠀

I guess the Israelites traveled and housed entire families in portable tents … back in the day … BUT … they did not have to rally for electrical outlets. We seem to have more techno “stuff” that needs charging than we have outlets in the RV. After many tedious years of trying … I am finally learning to share. But, I’m over it.⠀⠀

Space is an unimaginable thing. We are limited to understanding it’s vastness by what we are able to see or creatively capture in our minds.⠀⠀

As creative as we humans are … our creative powers are very limited. We cannot create matter out of nothing; we simply can reorder it. If all the physicists, scientists and smartphones in the world were gathered together … a grain of sand could not be made. That small grain to which the Lord calls me to rest my faith.⠀⠀

God, on the other hand, by the mere words, “Let there be” … created the entire universe out of nothing … physicists, scientists, smartphones … even a “big bang” … not needed.⠀⠀

On Christmas Eve 1968, in the most watched television broadcast at the time, Bill Anders, Jim Lovell, and Frank Borman, of Apollo 8 each read a passage from Genesis 1:1-10. They were the 1st humans to travel to the moon.⠀⠀

As big as the creation is, the Bible shows us that our Creator is even bigger. He is a powerful and omnipresent Creator. But, He is also …. a loving, compassionate Father who cares for all man, especially the vulnerable, poor and needy.⠀⠀

God also loves the weak and messed up sinner like me … sending His one and only Son. to this tiny speck in the universe called earth, so that when I believed in Him, I might have eternal life with Him … in glory.⠀⠀

Looking forward to more electrical outlets and space … but, pondering the big, powerful, omnipresent, loving, compassionate Creator … who cares desperately for me. #Sunrisesandi#Sandiponders#Space

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