“Love does not envy or boast” …1Corinthians 13:4

A random definition of:

  • Envy – the feeling of wanting to have what someone else has. Feeling of discontentment or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck
  • Boast – talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one’s achievements, possessions, or abilities

Clearly the definitions are opposites of each other

Let’s go with envy first. “The feeling of wanting to have what someone else has”. When I think of my marriage, I am quite content with what I have …. not feeling the need to look around me, wishfully seeking what others have got. HOWEVER, I have always wanted someone else’s body. A thin person’s body … with long legs …. hmmmmmmmm …   That envy opened the doors to insecurity. An insecurity that not only affected my relationship with my husband … but, my daughter as well.

As I write this … I realize I am still carrying around “old” envy that I picked up along life’s way … stuff that I don’t even care about anymore. Why am I still holding on to the envy? After high school I was TOTALLY envious of those who were given the opportunity to go to … and graduate from … college. I could go to college now if I wanted to …. But, I don’t want to … yet, I still feel that “pang” of jealousy … KUHHHH-RAZZZZ-YYY! Maybe that is the thing about envy … it creeps up … attaches itself to us … and we carry it around forevermore.

“Boasting”. It seems that boasting is often the cause of someone else’s envy. My mom seems to enjoy boasting (usually via a photo) to my nephew in Indiana, that she is eating at Jack-In-The-Box … one of his favorite fast food restaurants … not available in White Castle Country. She boasts because she knows it will create envy. She means no harm and is doing it light heartedly … but, with the expectation that envy will follow. Why do we boast I ask????? I imagine to make ourselves feel better … about what we have … because we have fallen prey to others boasting, envy and resulting insecurities.

The thing about “love” is …….. Love builds up … not tears down. Love heals insecurities, not creates them. Things said in jest can create cracks and wounds. Quick comments said in love can be the start of a long needed healing process.

Love is …

Love is patient …

Love is kind …

Love does not envy or boast …

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Wife, Mom, Grandma, Crazy Aunt, Artist that "creates" with Cotton and Silk.

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