Love is Kind ….

Love is kind ….

Again, a random definition of “kind” …

“Given to or made with heedful anticipation of the needs and happiness of others.”

Kindness …. Easy when considering an upcoming event … fanticised with perfect workings and responses. i recently exercised what I thought was a kind act for Uncle Barry … his favorite spaghetti dinner (again!) …. ready for him upon his arrival home from work. Flash forward to reality …. It is 15 minutes past the time Uncle Barry was due home … sauce, ready! … pasta, cooked and tender! … a text is received that Uncle Barry has not even left work yet. Flash forward 30 more minutes … sauce still ready, pasta cold, Auntie Sandi impatient …. Did I not just write in my last blog that patience is able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious!  WHAT?  Tolerate delays without annoyance?  Clearly Jesus never tried to cook a spaghetti meal for his disciples!

So what if Jesus did cook a spaghetti meal for his disciples …. and they were late …. because they were out doing the work they were called to do.  Would Jesus be tolerant?  Would he be annoyed?  Of course not!  So what is the deal?

It seems true “acts of kindness” need to be loving (a.k.a. selfless, sacrificial, unconditional) and not self-serving.  Was it really about a true act of kindness, “cold pasta”, or was it really about the validation & praise I was looking for when Uncle Barry smelled yummy sauce as he entered the house?  The answer is somewhere between a true act of kindness and validation & praise … nothing about cold pasta.

Kindness is an act.  Something we give to another.  It is not an act that is wrapped with conditions, but, is a gift freely given.  Patience often is required for kindness.  True kindness.  And kindness is required for true love.


Love is ….

Love is patient ….

Love is kind ….

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Wife, Mom, Grandma, Crazy Aunt, Artist that "creates" with Cotton and Silk.

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