Montie Chronicles ….

Comprised of the word “mom” and “auntie”.

I know “chronicles” are an “order of events” … but, I like the word … it was available as a domain name …. and, in fact, are my thoughts …. chronicled in an order which I think of them. Ha!

I have felt led, for a while, to share my thoughts, learnings, failings, on marital relationships. I do not believe I have knowledge and wisdom beyond most …… just a normal spouse who is pondering the workings of my own marriage and wanting to share those thoughts, learnings, and failings, with the next generation.

My thoughts will be real and truthful. I will not try to make my learnings and failings “social media friendly”. Relationships … Marriage … are difficult …… but, are the format in which we receive “love” which is listed at the top of basic needs for a human.

My delay in beginning this post had a lot to do with my own insecurities … but, also that I did not know how to write in a format that is geared for a Christian, non Christian, the already married, almost married and not currently in a relationship. Sooooooooo …. I am just writing as it comes to me … and I am writing to ALL of you.

You know I love you all!

Check out my 1st post “Love Is”

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Wife, Mom, Grandma, Crazy Aunt, Artist that "creates" with Cotton and Silk.

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